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About the Czech Olympic Committee

Right from the start of the modern Olympic era, Czechs participated in the shaping, developing and spreading of Olympism. They were at the birth of the International Olympic Committee.

Jiri Stanislav Guth-Jarkovsky was appointed one of the first twelve members of the International Olympic Committee in 1894. He was the first Chairman of the Czech Committee that was established on 18 May 1899.

For over a century have Czechs (as Czechoslovakia and then the Czech Republic) been stable members of the Olympic Movement. With just three exceptions Czech athletes have competed at all Olympic Games, often with great success – winners and medallists have become national and international sporting legends.

Members of the NOC Executive


  • Jiri Kejval

Vice Presidents

  • Roman Kumpost
  • Zdenek Hanik
  • Filip Suman
  • Libor Varhanik

Secretary General

  • Petr Graclik

Head of International Relations

  • Veronika Zemanova (zemanova@olympic.cz)

Current members of the international sport organizations

Jiri Kejval

  • IOC member
  • IOC Marketing Commission - Chair
  • IOC Television and Marketing Services - Chair of Board of Directors
  • ANOC Medical Commission Member
  • WADA Executive Board and Foundation Board Member

Roman Kumpost

  • IOC Communication Commission member
  • IOC Evaluation Commission for the Olympic Winter Games 2026 Member
  • ANOC International Relations Commission Member
  • Roman Kumpost' Profile

Veronika Zemanova

  • EOC Marketing and Communication Commission member

Petr Koukal

  • WADA Standing Committees Member

Nadezda Knorre

  • vice-president of Women Sport International

Kveta Peckova

  • European Fair Play Movement, Member of Executive Committee

Czech and Czechoslovak Members of the IOC

  • 1943–1984
    Jiri Stanislav Guth-Jarkovsky
  • 1946–1965
    Josef Gruss
  • 1965–1981
    František Kroutil
  • 1981–1992
    Vladimír Černušák
  • 1995–2001
    Věra Čáslavská
  • 1999–2001 and 2004–2012
    Jan Železný (member of the Athletes Commission)
  • 2018–present
    Jiri Kejval