European project POINTS dealt with illegal manipulation of sport competitions

POINTS project is aimed at strengthening of the common approach of sporting organisations and their members in the area of good governance and provision of fairness in sport. It continued its programme by a seminar devoted to the prevention and punishment of the illegal influencing of the course or results of the sporting events. The representatives of EOC EU Office, European National Olympic Committees, sporting federations and other involved organisations discussed this topic in Lyon.

This agenda is solved within the project led by the Ombudsman of the Czech Olympic Committee (ČOV) Alexander Károlyi. His deputy and ČOV lawyer Jan Exner attended the seminar in Lyon together with the Chess Association representative Jiřina Prokopová. “The interactive seminars were led by top professionals from the International Olympic Committee and Interpol,” Exner said. “Thank to the exchange of information within the seminar and accompanying programme we learned how the other countries and organisations deal with this problem. This knowledge will help us to solve similar situations more effectively in the Czech Republic.”

The sub-target of POINTS project is to create informational platform and educational programme for the network of contacts called Single Points of Contact for Sports Integrity (SPOC). “In the autumn 2019 we will organise a conference during which we will want to communicate the acquired knowledge to the Czech sporting associations and other organisations involved in the Czech sport,” Exner said. The project will continue with a seminar in Frankfurt that will be aimed at the good governance principles of the sporting organisations. More information about POINTS project may be found HERE.