Czech and Hungarian Olympic Committees will co-operate more closely

Czech Olympic Committee and Hungarian Olympic Committee will co-operate more closely in sport, sport diplomacy, science and technologies as well as in the promotion of the Olympic movement. The memorandum of understanding was signed by Czech NOC President Jiří Kejval and by President of Hungarian Olympic Committee Krisztián Kulcsár.

“We wish to co-operate with National Olympic Committees from our region. We have very good relations with Slovakian, Austrian and Polish colleagues, therefore I am glad that we establish closer ties also with Hungarian Olympic Committee. We have similar ideas and needs, we have similar sporting profiles, so there is a lot of interesting opportunities for our co-operation. It is wise to join forces,” Jiří Kejval, Czech NOC President said.

His Hungarian counter-part Krisztián Kulcsár, holder of two silver Olympic medals and the fencing world champion added: “We are open to co-operation, because there is a lot we may learn from Czech Olympic Committee. On the other hand, you may count with us in the sporting area for example with training camps or coaches´ programmes. We have been very active also in organising sporting events.”

The co-operation will last until 2020 at least and it will be realised in a lot of areas including the sporting diplomacy. This part was discussed by Czech NOC Vice President for the international relations Roman Kumpošt and Czech Secretary General Petr Graclík, his Hungarian counter-part Bálint Vékássy and by Veronika Zemanová, Head of International Relations of the Czech Olympic Committee.