At the Czech House in Korea visitors will be able to enjoy a virtual reality experience and beer from Pilsner Urquell

At the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro last year a six-metre high figure of Emil Zátopek loomed over the Czech House; at the Winter Games in PyeongChang, the Czech House will be a place for athletes and fans to gather and will be adorned with a large LED screen providing information about the programme.

“The Czech House will be right opposite the Olympic Village in Gangneung, so for our team members it’s just a stone’s throw away. We hope to also welcome members of other teams,” said Jiří Kejval, President of the Czech Olympic Committee. “We will introduce the locals to the Czech Republic and Czech firms. It is certain that the Pilsner beer will be a major attraction.”

At the Czech House we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic

The Czech House will also be where the Czech Olympic Committee starts its celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic, which is also the inspiration behind the Olympic collection motif. “In cooperation with the agency Czech Tourism we are preparing a virtual reality experience of the Czech Republic; we also want to attract Koreans with technological achievements and in this way show them places in the Czech Republic that they might not know,” says Blanka Konečná, manager of the Czech House.

The Czech Houses date back to 1992, but then it was a place where athletes together with a select few celebrated sporting successes. The Czech House was first opened to the public in London where it was visited by 80 thousand people. News agency AP declared it the best of all Olympic houses. In Rio 40 thousand visitors came through the doors.

The Czech House in Korea will have one of its two floors fully open to the public. As at previous Olympic Games, fans will be able to meet with Olympians, the fight for medals will be shown on large screens with a live feed from Czech Television, and there will be a Czech Television studio directly in the House. Czech Radio station Radiožurnál will also broadcast live. “Representatives of the Czech Consulate, normally based in Soul, will be present at the Czech House so fans will be able to turn to them in the event they find themselves in difficulty,” added Blanka Konečná.

Pilsner Urquell will be a partner of the Czech Olympic Team up to 2024

The Czech House will also be home to a range of other interesting exhibits. “These will be revealed at the House itself,” adds Konečná. The largest display will be provided by Pilsner Urquell. All adult visitors can look forward to a beer of the highest quality pulled by professional bartenders, who will also give a demonstration of their craft. Also of interest will be a special virtual tour of the brewery, which will take visitors from Korea directly to Pilsen. Using advanced 3D technology the tour will cover the exterior and interior of the brewery.

“Korea is a nation of traditions and its people value quality products with a long history. They are interested in both the taste of Czech beer and the traditions of Czech beer culture. Pilsner Urquell was first exported to Korea in 2011 in a volume of 4 000 hectolitres. The annual export volume now exceeds 84 000 hectolitres of beer,” said Grant McKenzie, Marketing Director at Plzensky Prazdroj.

The Pilsner Urquell brand is proud to have partnered the Czech Olympic Team since 2001, and this cooperation will continue until 2024. Pilsner Urquell has been announced an official partner for the next two Olympic cycles. “I am pleased that Czech brewing icon Pilsner Urquell will continue to support the Czech Olympic Team. The values that connect Pilsner Urquell and Czech Olympians are passion and the will to succeed, and perseverance in achieving set goals. As the successes of Czech athletes regularly bring fame to our country, so our brewers for over 175 years have inspired the whole world with their golden lager. In working with the Czech Olympic Committee we are combining two things that the Czech Republic can be rightly proud of,” adds Grant McKenzie.

The brewery has also prepared a programme for visitors to Olympic Festivals

Not even fans in the Czech Republic will miss out. The experience of watching the Olympic Games will be enhanced at the Olympic Festivals in Ostrava and Brno with “speed skating allround” at the Pilsner Urquell stands. Visitors will have the opportunity to emulate Martina Sáblíková by attempting the three speed skating disciplines. The most successful competitors will win a “Raškovka” bobble hat from the Olympic collection. For adult visitors the finest draught Pilsner beer awaits them, pulled by Master Bartenders. There will also be various competitions and quizzes along with an exhibition of Czech “Gold” successes at previous Olympic Games.