The Czech House at the World Games is open. Barka Tumska should also be a place of celebrations

Right in the centre of town, a five-minute walk from the Market Square in Wrocław, is where you will find the Czech House, on the boat Barka Tumska. On the River Oder the Czech Team at the World Games has facilities similar to at the Olympics; until Sunday 30th July the boat will a place of quiet, gatherings and celebrations, but also a place where athletes can find the management of the Czech Team as well as medical and physiotherapy facilities. The Czech House is officially open and is available to all members of the team and guests.

In surrounding parks and boulevards people took photos and pointed at the boat from which a Czech Team sign shone out. “Hello, I saw the Czech flag; I live opposite and came over to have a look,” said Honza, a Czech living in Wrocław, as he entered. “I have followed your entire carrier, could I take a photo with you?” he asked Martin Doktor, double Olympic Champion in sprint canoe and Head of Mission at the World Games.

The official opening of the Czech boat is planned for the evening of Sunday 23rd July, and the official closing will be on Friday 29th July. “We will certainly go for a beer, maybe we will go there every day,” said parachutists Mark Rahbani and Jiří Blaška after training. Their competition starts on the opening day, Friday 21st July.