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Olympic Day is a global celebration of the founding of the International Olympic Committee in 1894, and every year, across the world, it is a day dedicated to sports events of all types. Since 1987, the Czech Olympic Committee has also participated in this celebration by organising running races for all age categories. Every year in June, tens of thousands of runners across the Czech Republic start to race at the same time in the T-Mobile Olympic Run. By competing, runners can also support the Czech Olympic Foundation.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.olympijskybeh.cz


A charitable project of the Czech Olympic Committee that, with the support of Sazka (the lottery and betting company) and Czech Television, provides assistance to young athletes aged 6 to 18 from disadvantaged backgrounds. It funds specific requirements connected with their sports activities, such as equipment, membership fees or attendance of training camps. With the help of patrons from the ranks of Olympians and elite Czech athletes, it fulfils the sporting dreams and wishes of these children. Since 2012, 1 690 children have received support and over EUR 385 000 has been paid out.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.olympic.cz/nadace


Sports federations, associations and clubs can discuss their activities with the representative of the Czech Olympic Committee at the EU Office of the European Olympic Committees in Brussels. They can:

  • ask for advice regarding the use of European funds for sports activities,
  • discuss their project proposals and grant applications,
  • receive regular reports and information on EU sports policy and funding.

Main contact: janotova@olympic.cz

The Czech Olympic Committee is also engaged in European projects financed from the EU programme – Erasmus+.

  • European Week of Sport: The goal of this annual project is to promote physical activity across Europe. Every September, all organised sports activities taking place in the given week can be part of this initiative.
  • SUCCESS: A training programme to strengthen good governance in sport which supports women in decision making positions in sports organisations. The project is managed by the Croatian Olympic Committee and eight women from each participating country - the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Lithuania, France and Italy - are taking part.


Czech Olympic Committee activities extending beyond sport

  • clothing collection for London 2012 inspired by František Kupka, and for Sochi 2014 inspired by the 1st Czechoslovak stamp, designed by Alfons Mucha in 1918,
  • the Czech Olympic Committee is linking its activities in the 2016

Olympic year with the personality of Emil Zatopek. Phenomenal runner, winner of four gold and one silver Olympic medals, he is an inspiration for the Czech Team and others at the Olympic Games in Rio and beyond. The team kit will bear a stylised Emil Zatopek silhouette and the motto he lived by, “Getting tough? Try harder!”.


Established in 2013 with the support of the International Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the Ministry of Health, Czech Television and other partners, the project aims to promote a healthy lifestyle for both children and adults. Key projects of the Czech Sporting Nation initiative include Sazka Olympijsky viceboj (Sazka Olympic Allround), incorporating the Badge of Versatility of Olympic Champions, the website Local Sport Database, and the Olympic Parks.


The Olympic Festival for Children is a stepping stone for young talented athletes on their way to the European Youth Olympic Festival, the Youth Olympic Games, and even the Olympic Games. It is the largest sports event of its kind in the Czech Republic.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.olympic.cz/odm


  • the main aim of the project is not to compete over the best performances, but to show primary school children that participating in sport is fun and part of a healthy lifestyle,
  • at the end of the school year the children receive a sports certificate – a unique physical aptitude analysis withexamples of suitable sports and a link to the Local Sport website,
  • the children are motivated to participate in sports activities by Olympians who visit the most active schools,
  • Associated with the “Sazka Olympic Allround” project, the more competition-oriented “Badge of Versatility of Olympic Champions” gives the more talented children the chance to compete against each other in school and regional rounds. The best of the best take part in the National Finals where they get to experience the unforgettable atmosphere of a major sports event. Some of the most successful children have gone on to compete in the Olympic Festival for Children and the Youth Olympic Games.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.ceskosportuje.cz/sazkaolympijskyviceboj


  • the largest public database of Czech sports clubs – almost 15,000,
  • information on joining sports organisations and clubs, including contact details, location and a calendar of sports events,
  • any sports club or association in the Czech Republic can join.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.sportvokoli.cz

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